My Story

I can only ever remember wanting to do one thing as a child - sing! Fortunately, there were plenty of opportunities. I sang with my family, in church groups, school choirs, a boys choir, community choirs, university choirs and in church, school and community musicals. Being one of four boys, I sang at churches and camps with my older brother, Kendal, in a quartet, and in a duo with my brother Nathan at churches, universities, coffee houses and festivals. I took piano lessons, experimenting with writing my own tunes, and even learned to strum a few chords on the guitar, which I played when leading the singing at prison ministry meetings.
One day, a friend took one of my tunes and put some words from the Bible to it and it became a real song. Suddenly, it all made sense. I was inspired! I wanted to write songs that expressed what Jesus meant to me and how my faith in Him affected every area of my life. In no time I was writing songs using words from the Bible and the writings of other Christians and it didn't take long for me to progress to using my own words as well. My life was changed forever and I was on the path God had for me as a singer/song-writer.
In 1997, after having several songs recorded by The Continental Singers, Integrity Music and Truth, I surrendered to God's leading and moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Soon after, I had some songs recorded by Brentwood Music and Lifeway and I got a job at my church. Over a period of eight years I was the keyboard player, singer, and, eventually, the music coordinator. It was there that I met Heather Field, a successful Australian songwriter and true woman of God, and together we have written most of the songs I am currently singing.
Though I was impatient to be ministering through my music God had trials for me to walk through and lessons for me to learn, refining my faith in the fire of adversity. Now, at last, I have more than songs to sing; now I also have a story to tell: The story of God's faithfulness in my own life. Jesus is faithful to meet us where we are and, if we will trust Him, He'll set us free, He'll change us and take us to places we could never go without Him. I look forward to going wherever the Lord leads me, singing my songs and telling the story He has given me to share.