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Waiting's End - solo piano vol. 1

The new solo piano album from KeithTim Anderson 

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WAITING'S END - SOLO PIANO VOL. 1. Two CD Pack. Pre-order now!
  • WAITING'S END - SOLO PIANO VOL. 1. Two CD Pack. Pre-order now!
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Get one for yourself, share one with a friend and save a little money with this 2 CD pack! Suggested friends: your mom, your dad, your wife, your husband, your son, your daughter, your pastor, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, the neighbor down the street you've been meaning to talk with or meet, your local pharmacist, your butcher, your baker, your deli-sandwich maker, that clerk at the grocery store, your local radio station, etc... :)

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WAITING'S END - SOLO PIANO VOL. 1. Five CD Bundle. Pre-order now!
  • WAITING'S END - SOLO PIANO VOL. 1. Five CD Bundle. Pre-order now!
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Five CD Bundle Get a few extra CDs to have on hand so you can give them out as gifts to the people in your life or that you meet on the way. Though many people stream or download music these days, the personal touch of a tangible gift often times means a lot more to someone when coming directly from you! See shipping and local pickup info below.

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Listen! (MP3's)

Waiting's End - solo piano vol. 1 - MP3 Download

Available on Friday, October 19, 2018

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11 original melodic solo piano compositions in MP3 format (same as iTunes, except better quality at 320k!)

  • To get the album on an iPhone, download and extract the .zip file to your computer, open in iTunes, then transfer to your iPhone to get them in your Music app (hint, use R&B EQ setting in Settings/Music/EQ for best sound quality at higher volumes through iPhone speakers). Or, download on your phone and open in other non-Apple music apps.

Expected release: October 19, 2018

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  1. 1 Autumn Rain 05:24 Info
  2. 2 Here With You 04:31 Info
  3. 3 Hope Again 05:52 Info
  4. 4 Last Goodbye 04:14 Info
  5. 5 Long Ago 05:46 Info
  6. 6 Photographs 03:32 Info
  7. 7 Remember When 03:06 Info
  8. 8 Rest Awhile 03:49 Info
  9. 9 Someday 04:47 Info
  10. 10 Somewhere Out There 03:46 Info
  11. 11 Waiting's End 05:44 Info

Waiting's End Album Cover (Back and Front)


Absolutely beautiful! - Love it! - I played this for my baby girl at bedtime. It settled her right down. Very peaceful. Thank you :) - Lovely - That is absolutely beautiful thank you so much! - How peaceful and "restoring"! - Wow. This is beautiful! - Beautiful and peaceful. - Your emotions come through the keyboard, and bring tears to my eyes, (in a good way). - I could listen to this for hours! - Nice work! - Gorgeous! - Hopeful And uplifting - This is very nice music. It needs to get out! - the feel and emotion of the melody - Spiritually moving. - Very soothing and enjoyable to listen to. - Ok that was beautiful, KeithTim! - I love this so much KT!! - I started out my morning in tears due to your breath taking music. - Love love ❤️ this”

— Some of those who've heard the music.


Hello there! So glad you found your way here!

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I've mainly been a singer/songwriter, but recently, I've gone back to my roots of composing solo piano music which is what got me started writing in the first place as a young musician, and I love what I've come up with. I hope that you find it as interesting and soothing as I do when I play it. I haven't recorded an album in a number of years, but am hoping that this will be the start of a whole string of both instrumental and vocal albums to be released as soon as I can get them recorded! 

As you can see, I've put my new album at the top of the site so you can easily get right to the music. Whether listening on a streaming service, or purchasing a CD or download to play offline, my hope is that the music will inspire you to rest or be creative with whatever talents you have been given. So, please share this page with your family and friends, or recommend them to listen to my tunes on Spotify (pre-save now or search KeithTim (no space) after Friday, Oct 19th).

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